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First time cooking in a shared #StudentKitchen?

The @Food Standards Agency has a great guide on food safety and hygiene for students. From advice on fridge space, to leftovers, to managing allergies – it’s all in there. Take a look now: https://www.food.gov.uk/safety-hygiene/student-guide-to-food-safety-and-hygiene

Anything But Standard – celebrating the Trading Standards profession

CTSI’s Anything But Standard campaign celebrates the diversity of the Trading Standards profession. A career in Trading Standards is … Anything But Standard! Trading Standards professionals protect the public through every stage of their lives, without most people even being aware of it. The work they do around the country …

Introduction to the Blog area

The key aim of Trading Standards South West is to work collectively as a region to develop materials that help inform our communities of the work we do and the emerging threats we have identified from consumer complaints both in the South West and further afield. We complete regular analyses …

It is a criminal offence for Vape devices and products to be:
-Sold to anyone under 18
-Bought for anyone under 18
If you see vapes being sold to under 18s please report it to Trading Standards at

There are 3 different types of illegal tobacco;
Counterfeit /Fake
Non Duty Paid
Other Cigarettes or Tobacco Manufactured for the black market
To report activity involving suspected illegal tobacco products visit:

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