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Buy Wise Be Safe provides home safety advice to parents and carers of under 5s with the aim of educating about safety and best practice.



No Proof of Age - No Sale is an interactive online toolkit aimed at all businesses and premises that sell age restricted goods or services.



The ELP manual provides officers, case supervisors and managers involved with evidence based processes with a self-contained guide to the procedures they use.

News Highlights

Are poisonous gifts under your tree this Christmas?

Itchy skin, vomiting, and rashes are some of the gifts small children could unwrap this Christmas, warns a local safety group. And this is in addition to the range of hazards that appear around the home with button batteries from toys, hot ovens on all day, and boiling pots and… Read More

Drinking to Excess can lead to Health Issues

During alcohol awareness week (19-23 November) we are highlighting the impact alcohol can have on people who drink too much and those around them. With the Christmas and New Year period nearly upon us there is an increase in festivities, parties, family gatherings and work functions.  While it’s a great… Read More

Know the Risks of Underage Drinking and Where it Can Lead

Underage drinking can put children at increased risk of physical and social harm and in the UK a significant proportion of children have tried drinking alcohol before they reach the minimum legal purchase age of 18.  Being clear on the law around alcohol is vital for both parents and children…. Read More

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