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Buy Wise Be Safe provides home safety advice to parents and carers of under 5s with the aim of educating about safety and best practice.



No Proof of Age - No Sale is an interactive online toolkit aimed at all businesses and premises that sell age restricted goods or services.



The ELP manual provides officers, case supervisors and managers involved with evidence based processes with a self-contained guide to the procedures they use.

News Highlights


More than five million illegal cigarettes have been seized from local retail outlets in the first six months of the year as part of Operation CeCe, a joint initiative between National Trading Standards and HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) to tackle the illegal tobacco trade. The haul of illicit products… Read More

National Lottery: – Law Change.

As of 1st October 2021, the National Lotteries Act 1993 increased the minimum age for sale to 18 years.  This now also applies to the age of the seller unless specifically authorised by the owner – which must be documented – and allows a 16+ year old to sell National… Read More

Prior Park College scam money launderer made to pay back £213k

A convicted money launderer who was involved in the Prior Park College scam of foreign nationals has been ordered to pay £213,000 as a result of a prosecution by Bath & North East Somerset Council’s Trading Standards team. Sanketkumar Patel (38) of Eden Hall Close, Leicester was ordered to pay… Read More

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